Don't Have Neuroma Surgery without Seeing this!

Full video from nerve block to radiofrequency ablation video.

Many people suffer from neuromas, that is the #2 reason for visits to our office. Usually conservative care of NSAIDS, injection and therapy helps w the condition, but for those that do not respond to conservative care, you have choice of surgery which has up to 50% complication rates.

We offer Radiofrequency ablation therapy to help shrink and injure the nerve so that it no longer conducts pain signals.

Neuroma Cure Without Surgery!

Radio frequency ablation to rid of neuroma pain.

Also shows ultrasound review and guided destruction of nerve.

See the neuromas under ultrasound and watch the probe enter to burn the nerve at 90 degrees Celsius

Don't have neuroma surgery until you see this

Patient has been through conservative options such as injections and physical therapy to no avail previous doctor suggested excisional surgery for the neuroma this patient is now currently after two sessions of radiofrequency ablation with zero pain this is a frank discussion at our third visit.


Dr.Kevin Lam explains neuromas, the second most common problem seen at our offices.

Symptoms explained as well as common treatment modalities.
5 Secrets About Neuromas Your Doctor May Not Tell You
Frank discussion about neuromas from a double board certified foot / ankle surgeon.
Secrets to Neuroma Cure After a Failed Neuroma Surgery
Runner unable to go about her activities after neuroma surgery at another facility.

Drove to our neuroma clinic desperately seeking a cure.

Combination of two highly effective procedures used to help relieve the pain and return back to running.

Family Foot and Leg Center, proud to serve the active public of SouthWest Florida and beyond with our innovative, nonsurgical techniques.

Free information available at: for Secrets to Neuroma that your doctor does not want you to know.

Stop Neuromas and Stump Neuromas
Postoperative complications of neuroma surgeries are the formation of a stump neuroma giving more pain than the original neuroma that patient goes into surgery for. In this video,patient had previous neuroma surgery in one area and a new neuroma in another area in the same foot unable to walk she came to our center seeking the radiofrequency ablation that she saw on our other YouTube video, the results are amazing . alternative to risky surgery. Precision guided #neuroma #radiofrequencyablation #nosurgery #painrelief #topdoc #topdoctor award

Stump neuroma cured!

Stump neuromas are prevalent about 50% of the time with surgical removal of the neuroma. Sometimes this could be more painful than the original neuroma itself. Patients who have had neuroma surgery and failed, which are 50% of patients would benefit from Radiofrequency ablation at the Family Foot and Leg Center in Naples, FL. #swfl #topdoc #naplesfl

Radiofrequency ablation is a great alternative to stubborn neuromas not responsive to injections, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and orthotics therapy. NO side effects noted from this procedure as the nerve is heated at 90C for 90 seconds x 2. Patients are treated once, then again one month after. Physical therapy after is mandatory as well as topical medication to help with the condition. Shockwave therapy can also add to benefit of none operative neuroma cures. We have a video of that also.

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