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I have seen too many people suffer from Post Neuroma Surgery Pain.  This site was built as an effort to touch more people seeking an answer to a tough problem, but can not find solutions elsewhere.  

  Don't fall victim and have a lifetime of disability with failed neuroma surgeries or stump neuromas.   You DO NOT want neuroma surgeries, it is highly unpredictable and horrendously painful results if you have not tried other treatments prior. 

Don't have neuroma surgery until you see
this, what your doctor may not know.

Full video from nerve block to radiofrequency ablation video. 

Many people suffer from neuromas, that is the #2 reason for visits to our office.  Usually conservative care of NSAIDS, injection and therapy helps w the condition, but for those that do not respond to conservative care, you have choice of surgery which has up to 50% complication rates.     We offer Radiofrequency ablation therapy to help shrink and injure the nerve so that it no longer conducts pain signals.    #neuroma #nosurgery #paininfoot #Radiofrequencyablationneuroma  

5 Secrets about Neuromas your doctor may not tell you

What is a neuroma?

Morton's neuroma is an inflamed nerve that causes pain, tingling and numbness in the ball of the foot. Many complain of a bunched up sock under the ball of the foot, while others complain of walking on a lump, a large pebble or a lamp cord.

Some describe a "twang", like a guitar string, in the ball of their foot. The pain can dull in the ball of the foot or can be radiating, electrical, tingling or burning and shoot to the 3rd and 4th toes. The pain is worsened with tight shoes, standing, walking, hills and stairs and generally relieved by rest and removal of shoes.

The initial treatment for Morton's neuroma is to eliminate factors which may have caused or aggravated it. In many cases, tight shoes cramp the toes and press on the nerve, causing irritation, inflammation and pain. Over-pronation causes forefoot instability and excess movement of the long bones in the foot. This type of abnormal foot mechanics, in combination with soft, flexible shoes can cause a neuroma.

Icing the ball of the foot twice a day for 15 minutes and/or contrasting between hot and cold for 30 minutes each day will help decrease the inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen or naproxen, can also decrease the inflammation and the pain.

A neuroma pad will help disperse forefoot pressure, decreasing irritation on the nerve.

Steroid injections and nerve sclerosing injections may also be used.When conservative therapy fails, surgery is recommended.

Surgery involves releasing the ligament placing pressure on the nerve or removing the neuroma. When the neuroma is removed, permanent numbness at the toes will result, but toe function is not affected.

In a new study published in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, researchers found extracorporeal shockwave therapy to be a safe and effective treatment for Morton's neuroma. Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a treatment which directs powerful sounds waves at an area of injury. The sounds waves create vibrations causing microtrauma to the tissues.

The body responds by creating new blood vessels and sending healing factors and inflammatory cells to the area to stimulate the natural healing process. ESWT has been used for the treatment of kidney stones for many years. In the year 2000, the FDA approved ESWT for the treatment of chronic plantar fasciitis, a painful condition in the heel. ESWT is not currently approved for the treatment of neuromas.In this study, researchers divided twenty five patients with a Morton's neuroma, unresponsive to at least eight months of conservative therapy, to an active treatment group or a sham treatment group. Both groups were taken into the procedure room and given intravenous sedation and a local anesthetic. The active treatment group received extracorporeal shockwave therapy and the sham group received no treatment.

At 12 weeks following the procedure, the group with the extracorporeal shockwave therapy had significant pain reduction compared to the sham treatment group. Potential complications associated with extracorporeal shockwave therapy include bruising, pain, swelling, nerve damage and hemorrhage, but the incidence is less than 1%. This results of this study are encouraging and ESWT may prove to be an effective treatment alternative to surgery. But, this is a small study and further research is needed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of extracorporeal shockwave therapy for the treatment of Morton's neuroma.

FFLC has both the high energy and low energy modality for your care. Discuss with your doctor which is right for you. 


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  • Do you have common symptoms of, " Pain, burning, feeling of a marble or rock in my shoe, toes spreading apart."

  • Most common space is between either the 2nd and 3rd toes or the 3rd and 4th toes.    Often times people have it in both spaces. 

  • Tight shoes can irritate, or high heels

  • Did you know that 75% of Americans wear shoe that is too small for them? 

  • MRI can help but not always diagnostic

  • Ultrasound exam can be accurate but is dependent your ultrasound tech's experience

  • Clinical exam and history is the best way to diagnose neuroma. 

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Ultrasound guided radiofrequency ablation of Morton’s neuroma: A substitute for surgery

Ahmed M.Bassiouny

To assess the efficacy of radiofrequency ablation of Morton's neuroma (MN) as a substitute to surgery, in patients not responding to conservative treatment.

All of the 15 patients suffered from intense pain during their normal daily activity prior to RF ablation, pretreatment VAS average was 7. Follow up of the patients was done after 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. After RF ablation, pain disappeared in 9 cases (60%), 3 had mild pain (20%), 2 moderate pain (13.3%) and 1 with severe pain (6.6%) and proceeded to surgery. Complete resolution of pain was encountered in the patients with mild and moderate pain with conservative or second session of RFA. Conclusion

Radiofrequency ablation of Morton's neuroma, is an effective technique in treatment of symptomatic patient's after failure of conservative treatment and prior to surgical intervention.

Michel P. Genon MB BS  Terence Y. Chin MB BS, FRACS  Harvinder S. Bedi MB BS, FRACS, MPH Mark C. Blackney MB BS, BSc, FRACS

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We also offer our exclusive state of the art Radiofrequency Ablation technology for this common problem of the foot, neuromas.  This is a small probe that is inserted into the neuroma(s) and a 90 degrees celcius heat is applied to the nerve causing damage to the nerve so that it will no longer conduct pain signals.  

This technology is used heavily in the neck and spine for nerve pain as well as for destruction of tumors. Procedure itself is totally painless.  Patient is examined by our FFLC doctors, then determine if you are a candidate.    

The procedure is done in our operating suite at 12250 Tamiami Trail East, suite 101   Naples, FL 34113.  

The foot is prepped then nerves around the ankle is numbed with local anesthetics.    2 -3 application of the RadioFrequency tip is done for the treatment.   Often times a second treatment is required at 1-2 months depending on patient recovery. Light band aid is applied and the patient walks out of the office. 

It is FDA approved as a medical / surgical device but insurance will not recognize such for payment for use in the foot. 

Dr. Kevin Lam in Naples Florida shares his thoughts about a day in life of podiatrist and how help to fight this pandemic by keeping fractures , infections and diabetics out of the dangerous and busy emergency rooms. With in office diagnostics and procedures to keep your feet and legs healthy and out of admission status at your local hospital. Podiatrist are essential workers, we deal with infections all day long. Let us keep you safe Naples, FL to Port Charlotte. 239 430 3668

Masala S1, Cuzzolino A2, Morini M1, Raguso M1, Fiori R1.



Morton's neuroma (MN) is a leading cause of disability. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of radiofrequency (RF) in patients with chronic pain refractory to conservative therapies.


Between September 2012 and December 2016, RF was performed on 52 patients. A sterile RF needle probe (22G, 5-cm needle with 10-mm electrode active tip) was inserted between the toes into the intermetatarsal space at the center of the lesion. Potential complications of the intervention and post-procedure care were examined. All patients provided written, informed consent. All percutaneous procedures were performed with the NeuroTherm® NT1100 (Neurotherm Inc., M.) device and using ultrasound guidance (Philips IU22). Continuous RF was performed with one cycle of 90 s and with the probe tip maintaining a temperature of 85 °C (impedance 95-210 mΩ).


Mean VAS score before the procedures was 9.0 ± 0.6. A reduction of pain intensity was achieved after 1 week by RF (mean VAS scores 3.7 ± 0.9; p < 0.05), with a stabilization of the painful symptomatology in the following months and after 1 year of treatments (mean VAS scores 2.0 ± 0.4 after 12 months, p < 0.05). The FHSQ scores showed improved quality of life (QOL) in all patients at 6 months (p < 0.05) and 1 year (p < 0.05) of RF. No patients developed complications.


RadioFrequency is a safe, efficient, and minimally invasive technique for the treatment of symptomatic Morton's Neuroma.

Stump neuroma cured!

Stump neuromas are prevalent about 50% of the time with surgical removal of the neuroma. Sometimes this could be more painful than the original neuroma itself. 

Patients who have had neuroma surgery and failed, which are 50% of patients would benefit from Radiofrequency ablation at the Family Foot and Leg Center in Naples, FL. www.NaplesPodiatrist.com #swfl #topdoc #naplesfl

Radiofrequency ablation
is a great alternative to stubborn neuromas not responsive to injections, antiinflammatories, physical therapy and orthotics therapy. NO side effects noted from this procedure as the nerve is heated at 90C for 90 seconds x 2. Patients are treated once, then again one month after. Physical therapy after is mandatory as well as topical medication to help with the condition. Shockwave therapy can also add to benefit of none operative neuroma cures. We have a video of that also.


Dr. Kevin Lam and his associates are on the cutting edge of technology and surgical innovation in the field. Family Foot and Leg Center, PA doctors are chosen lecturers to other DPM's and MD's in the field of foot and ankle surgery. Genuine knowledge and care for your foot and ankle needs.

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"I consider myself fortunate to have Dr. Kevin Lam as my physician, I was about to lose all hope and sign up for surgery until my father, a local hospital executive mentioned your method. I traveled from N.C. to see Dr. Lam and I am glad I did." D.A. North Carolina

"Your physical therapy team is the best in Naples! They work together so well giving the patient the best care possible. Thank you again." -- M. Tayleiv, OH

"Your treatment and therapy have made a tremendous difference in my feet and legs, finally able to go for that 10 mile run without pain." -- Lynn M., Naples, FL

"As an anesthesiologist, I see the exceptional, good, bad with numerous other physicians / surgeons, I chose Dr. Kevin Lam for my surgical needs." Dr. A.L., Naples, FL

"You have been an amazing doctor in helping me get relief from my neuroma that grew back. Also, the shock wave therapy in conjunction with the RF ablation has helped the neuroma to shrink to almost nothing. I currently don’t have any pain. .... I want to thank you for all of work and the success of getting me back to running short distance and I hope to be running longer distance by the fall. Thank you for all of your support over the past several months."
Warmest Regards,Patient Ft Myers, FL

My foot is wonderful and my husband and I danced for 2 hours solid rock and roll at my 50th HS reunion this past Saturday night.  No pain, no limping the next day!
We are in lovely and cooler Vermont and thinking of you and my now dancable  foot.
My brother Gary says hi.  He also knows about foot pain and the  joy of being fixed by your skilled hands.
See you at my next appointment.


Dear Dr Lam,
I appreciate all the care you have done for me for so many years and I’m so glad that you have taken care of my mom as well. May your business increase and may good things come your way, as you are a gift to all your patients who really need you.
You’re the Best,

Sharon S., Naples

Dr. Lam performed major correction of a congenital condition of both forefeet. In time, I would have been greatly reduced mobility-wise and comfort-wise…..a nearly crippling condition. I researched a second opinion through a major practice at a major Chicago hospital group just to understand my options given the seriousness of my prognosis. The left surgery reconstructed 75% of my foot, the right done in late 2013 a year after the first, is major but far less severe. This is major work, and I wouldn’t want anyone else but Kevin Lam to do the work. If one takes the time to learn Dr. Lam’s history and has reason to work with the physical therapy staff, their excellence is easy to discern for yourself. My wife had a noninvasive regenerative procedure for a torn tendon two years ago. This is how I met Dr. Lam and gained the fullest confidence in him. Said a different way, Dr. Lam and his practice are leaders in their field and truly care about patient outcomes. Their control over difficult processes and ensuring and explaining cautious recovery in a business-like way is there for the patient. Pain and wound management are incredible because they care and because they have the skills. They have great pride in their work, which deserves patient recognition. Pride and concern are too frequently lacking in our society. Not at the Family Foot and Leg Center.

Via Facebook post.
E. Sachs.

May 14, 2013

The RF Ablation has really work well I have no pain in my foot. You have been very helpful while working through the process of getting rid of my neuroma without surgery. My foot feels so much better. Thank you so much for your support!

TT, Fort Myers, FL

May 1, 2013
Dr. Lam,

Many thanks for your excellent care, professionalism and the smile from the staff at the FAMILY FOOT & LEG CENTER.
Dr. Pierini, M.D.

Dear Dr. Lam and Staff,

Thank you for your medical care and recommendations. Your treatment and physical therapy have made a tremendous difference in my feet and legs. The pain has diminished significantly and I feel better than I have in years.

Lynn Murphy, Naples, FL

Dr. Lam,

What a miraculous result we have attained! I struggled so long with neuroma and bursa; it was just debilitating! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will need only one R.A. 

For now, I will gradually ease back into tennis and life!!!

Thrilled and amazed by you. 

Linda M


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